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UPG brings together the imprints Unicorn, Uniform and Universe, the book marketing companies Unicorn Sales & Distribution and Charleston Bookstore.

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Faith In The City Of London Press Coverage

Faith in the City of London by Niki Gorick is a unique document of life within places of faith in London’s Square Mile. Coverage is due to include...

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Wild Neighbours On Bbc London News

Wild Neighbours by Sarah Cheesbrough is due to be featured later this month on BBC London News, with a filmed feature and interview with Brenda...

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Praise For Sri Lanka

Following a hugely successful launch event last month, Michael Naseby has received some lovely endorsements for his memoir about his longstanding...

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Louis Coatalen Reviews

Louis Coatalen by Oliver Heal is going down very well in the motoring world. It has been featured in the SAHB Times and STD Register with reviews...

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Jago Stone Video

Published this month, The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone by Rob Donovan tells of the life and times of the prize-winning...

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Elizabeth's French Wars Shortlisted For Two Prizes

Elizabeth’s French Wars 1562-1598 by William Heap has been shortlisted for both the Duke of Wellington Medal for Military History and The Templer...

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