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UPG brings together the imprints Unicorn, Uniform, Unity and Universe, the book marketing companies Unicorn Sales & Distribution and the Unicorn Gallery.

Latest News

Press Release Don Linn


Unicorn Publishing Group (UPG) is pleased to announce that due to substantial growth in the previous...

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Ace Award For Iwm

Imperial War Museums recent publication The Secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms won the coveted Association Cultural Enterprises (ACE) award for Best...

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Art Of John Piper In London Review Of Books

Unicorn title The Art of John Piper by David Fraser Jenkins and Hugh Fowler-Wright featured in London Review of Books on Thursday 30th March 2017....

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Painting The Ice Bear Interview

Unicorn title Painting the Ice Bear by Mark Adlington featured on Linda's Book Bag Blog on Friday 10th March 2017.

Linda interviews artist Mark...

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Protect And Survive In The Media

Imperial War Museum's title Protect and Survive has received some great publicity throughout March featuring in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The...

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Neural Architects Rias Quarterly And Blog Review

Unicorn title Neural Architects by Georgina Ferry featured on Smartstyle Interiors blog on Thursday 23rd March 2017 and the Spring edition of...

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