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  • Imperial War Museum Title Named Picture Book Of The Week

    The Imperial War Museum's new title 'Art from the First World War' [ISBN 9781904897897] has been named 'Picture Book of the Week' by NewStatesman Magazine.
    This week's edition is a First World War special, in honour of the centenary of Franz Ferdinand's assassination. 

    A 'battle of the books' takes place over a double page spread, analysing how...

  • Laurie Lee: A Folio Featured In The Guardian

    Our new title 'Laurie Lee: A Folio' has been featured in the Arts section of today's Guardian. 

    ​Many of you will be familiar with the iconic writings of British author Laurie Lee. What many of you may not know, was that (as well as being a talented musician and prolific photographer), Lee had secret hopes of becoming an artist.
    In our new title...

  • Upcoming Upl Title Featured In You Magazine

    'Scenes from a Rose-tinted Childhood' - Jessy Lee

    In today's YOU Magazine (Mail on Sunday), Jessy Lee discusses growing up with her Father, the complex, often troubled author and national treasure, Laurie Lee. In this moving article, Jessy talks about why she's publishing his artwork for the first time, in celebration of the centenary of his...

  • Laurie Lee Centenary Celebrations Launched At Cheltenham Poetry Festival

    A year of centenary celebrations for Laurie Lee is launched at Cheltenham Poetry Festival

    Angela France - leader of the Poetry Festival event at The University of Gloucestershire

    A YEAR of events to mark the centenary of Gloucestershire’s most famous literary son, Laurie Lee, launches today, aptly at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.
    One of the UK’s...

  • Imperial Russian Navy Book Review

    Our recent publication 'Imperial Russian Navy' has been reviewed by Steve Earles in online magazine 'Destructive Music.'
    Earles describes the book as 'one of a kind', praising the well organised chapters and stunning photography;
    "The photographs, of course, are the real stars. Their reproduction is superb, as is to be expected from Unicorn...

  • A Is A Critic Receives Highest Praise

    Our 2013 publication 'A is a Critic', a collection of interviews and reviews by art writer and critic Andrew Lambirth has been reviewed in The Spectator. 

    "This is a superb anthology of what is best in contemporary painting, the most comprehensive overview since Rothenstein’s two-volume Modern British Painters in the 1950s. Lambirth takes the...

  • Laurie Lee Folio Featured In The Times

    Our upcoming publication 'The Laurie Lee Folio' has been featured in The Times this week. Arts correspondent Jack Malvern talks excitedly about the release of this exclusive portfolio, and what the artworks will reveal of Lee's personality.

  • Imperial Russian Airforce Receives Excellent Review

    Our recent publication 'Imperial Russian Airforce 1898-1917' has received a rave review from the FIRE Project e-Magazine!
    See below for the full text, or click here to download the PDF.

    'The Soviet Revolution has dominated Russian history for two reasons. Firstly, Russia has long been a closed society where its history has been poorly reported...

  • Sarah Raphael, Telegraph Review

    Michael Glover of the Telegraph has just reviewed the work of Sarah Raphael. In his detailed and fascinating article, Glover discusses her sophisticated and complex painting style, her place in the History of Art, and her influences.
    Find out more about what he said here.

    Love this article? Why not pick up a copy of our recent publication 'Sarah...

  • Imperial Russian Air Force Featured In Microlight Flying

    Our recent publication 'Imperial Russian Air Force 1898-1917' has received a rave review in the December issue of 'Microlight Flying' magazine. 
    They have described it as a must have Christmas gift, stating that leafing through the pages of this book is to 'open the door into another world'. 

    This charming book is visual feast of early Russian...

  • 'The Ceremonial Funeral Of Baroness Thatcher' Receives Rave Review'

    Stuart Martin of 'The Thatcher Library', has nothing but praise for our recent publication 'The Ceremonial Funeral of Baroness Thatcher'. 'The Thatcher Library is an online blog that is dedicated to reviewing literature relating the late Baroness Thatcher.

    Martin describes the sketches as 'breakingtaking', stating that they capture the majesty...

  • Sir Winston Churchill: His Life And Paintings Featured In The Daily Telegraph's 'Books For Christmas'

    We are proud to announce that our recent publication 'Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and Paintings' has been listed in the Daily Telegraph's 'Books for Christmas' section.

    We also feel that this charming book, with over 500 of Churchill's paintings included, and a touching foreword by Sir Winston’s daughter Mary Soames, would make an excellent...

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