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  • Secrets Of Churchill's War Rooms In History Extra

    IWM's newest title Secrets of Churchill's War Rooms by Jonathan Asbury featured in the BBC History Magazine's History Extra on Friday 2nd December.

    In the article Jonathan Asbury explores the lesser-known history of Churchill’s War Rooms. Asbury writes: "The truth is, though, that many of the secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms have yet to be...

  • Never Fear In Classic Boat

    Unicorn title Never Fear by Ian Strathcarron featured in this January's edition of Classic Boat magazine.

    In the article Ian Strathcarron discusses what inspired him to write his new book on Sir Francis Chichester as well as his experience following in Chichester's footsteps sailing a solo passage.

  • Wellington's Dearest Georgy In Standard Issue

    Universe's latest title Wellington's Dearest Georgy by Alice Marie Crossland featured in Standard Issue on Tuesday 6th December.

    For National Letter Writing Day, writer Esther Harris interviews Alice Marie Crossland about the fifty surviving letters that feature in her book between Wellington and Georgy.

    Click here to read the full...

  • Moving Heaven And Earth In Financial Times

    Unicorn title Moving Heaven and Earth by Steffie Shields featured in The Financial Times 'Best Books of 2016' on Friday 2nd December.

    Moving Heaven and Earth had been selected as one of the three best books for 2016 in the Gardening section.

    To read the full list click here.

  • Stanley Spencer In The Sunday Times

    Unicorn's latest title Stanley Spencer: Looking to Heaven featured in The Sunday Times on Sunday 11th December 2016.

    Lynn Barber writes: "This exquisitely produced book is a labour of love, assembled by Stanley Spencer’s grandson from the artist’s papers, which run to well over 2m words. Spencer made many attempts at writing his...

  • 1920s Jazz Age Fashion In The Lady

    Unicorn title 1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photographs by Martin Pel featured in The Lady's 'The Christmas Book Guide 2016' on 30th November 2016.

    The Lady recommends the book for fashionistas: "Fans of the Roaring Twenties will love this exquisite book featuring swoon-worthy garments and accessories from the period, and portraits of style...

  • Gordon Buchanan Writes Foreword For Painting The Ice Bear

    Following the success of Arctic Live on BBC Two, wildlife film-maker and presenter Gordon Buchanan has written the foreword to Mark Adlington's forthcoming book Painting the Ice Bear.

    ‘Of all creatures the polar bear is the animal I have the most respect for. As a young cameraman it was always the subject that I most wanted to film, and there...

  • Stanley Spencer In Bbc News

    Unicorn's newest title Stanley Spencer: Looking to Heaven featured in BBC News on 1st October.

    Both BBC's art reporter Vincent Dowd and The Guardian's Dalya Alberge highlight the newly discovered letters by Stanley Spencer which include love letter to ex-wife Hilda, unseen sketches and letters home to his sister during the war.

    To read the...

  • So There's Hope On Winkball

    Winkball interviewed Deborah Rolt for their video channel on 2nd November 2016. They spoke to locals about the East End community which features at the heart of Deborah's new book So There's Hope.

    Watch the video here.

  • Epitaphs Of The Great War The Somme On Radio 4

    Uniform's Epitaphs of the Great War: The Somme by Sarah Wearne featured on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Programme with Edward Stourton.

    Author Sarah Wearne was interviewed for the programme alongside a reading of a number of epitaphs over some sombre music.

    Click here to have a listen.

  • Wellington's Dearest Georgy Review

    Universe's latest title Wellington's Dearest Georgy by Alice Marie Crossland featured on All Things Georgian on 18th October 2016.

    All Things Georgian says: "We whole-heartedly recommend Wellington’s Dearest Georgy. It is a fascinating biography of an aristocratic lady but it is more than that. It is the story of one of the most interesting...

  • Alexander De Cadenet In Art Ltd

    Unicorn's Alexander De Cadenet by Edward Lucie Smith featured in September's edition of Art Ltd Magazine.

    Reviewer Shana Nys Dambrot writes: "With multiple painting, sculpture, and photography series, and with styles and techniques from the digital to the aggressively analogue, the book is lively and eclectic."

    Click here to read...

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