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Autumn 2020 Catalogue

We are delighted to announce Unicorn Publishing Group's Autumn 2020 catalogue titles. Click here to read it.

Unicorn leads with Winston Churchill: Painting on the French Riviera, compiled by the artist Paul Rafferty with a forward by HRH the Prince of Wales; Dangerous to Show by Geoffrey Bond and Christine Kenyon Jones; Vanity Project, the journey from Gloucester plumber to Hollywood celebrity stylist Dave Thomas; the amazing photography of Stuart Dunn in Only Us and Gerald Cubbit in Eye to an Endangered World; memoirs from Lord King, A King Among Ministers; contemporary art in Truth and Beauty and Lion by Mark Adlington. History is well served too with Sovereign of the Isles by Iain Milligan; A Voyage Through Time compiled by Richard Chadwick and Tim Williams’ masterly anthology of church life through the ages, Shepherds, Sheep, Hirelings and Wolves.

Our Uniform imprint publishes Vol IV of For Valour, The Complete History of the Victoria Cross; Bluebottle Goes to War by PJ Brownsword; and the reissuing of a military classic, A Distant Drum.

Historical fiction from Universe features Rachel Billington’s new book Clouds of Love and War, Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal by Niall Edworthy and Champion by Stephen Deutsch.

Our sales and distribution company, Unicorn Sales & Distribution, now includes new client publisher Notting Hill Editions.