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Gordon Buchanan Writes Foreword For Painting The Ice Bear

Following the success of Arctic Live on BBC Two, wildlife film-maker and presenter Gordon Buchanan has written the foreword to Mark Adlington's forthcoming book Painting the Ice Bear.

‘Of all creatures the polar bear is the animal I have the most respect for. As a young cameraman it was always the subject that I most wanted to film, and there is no doubt that polar bear cubs are the cutest young animals in existence. But when you are inches away from the huge curved canines of a hungry bear, as I was in The Polar Bear Family and Me, you see a very different side to this impressive predator.
The irony of course is that in reality it is the bear whose survival ultimately depends upon us, as its very existence is threatened by the daily decisions made by all human beings. This is a beautiful book which goes a long way to portraying the polar bear in all its dimensions. Captivating as these paintings are, however, let us hope that they never become a testimony to a lost species and that the Ice Bear can continue to thrive and inspire for generations to come.’

Gordon Buchanan

Mark Adlington

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