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John Hoyland Exhibition At Newport Street Gallery

John Hoyland: Scatter the Devils

This month the opening show at Damien Hirst’s new gallery, Newport Street Gallery, will be devoted to John Hoyland. The first retrospective since Hoyland’s death in 2011 it will show the progression from hard-edge works of the early 1960s to the intensely subjective painting that marked his final decade. The exhibition John Hoyland: Power Stations which is open from 8th October until 3rd April 2016 has already received a great review from the Telegraph and the Guardian.

Unicorn Press' new republication of John Hoyland: Scatter the Devils, concentrates on Hoyland’s work since the late 1990s. By means of interview, anecdote and quotation it reveals the imaginative thinking and development of a painter who, refusing to be cast simply in the role of ‘abstract’ artist – a label he deplored – is constantly reinventing his art and pushing himself to his technical and poetic limits. The book includes over 150 colour illustrations; drawings from the sketchbooks; notes on friends and influences.

To find out more about the exhibition click here and to buy the book here.