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Press Release Unicorn Signs Kirsty Stonell Walker

Unicorn acquires Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang by Kirsty Stonell-Walker

Unicorn, the visual arts and cultural history imprint of Unicorn Publishing Group LLP, is pleased to announce that it has acquired World English Language rights from agent Esther Harris at Bookollective to Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang: Fifty Makers, Shakers and Heartbreakers from the Victorian Era, by Kirsty Stonell Walker due for publication in September 2018 to coincide with Pre-Raphaelite Day on 16th September.

Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang will introduce readers of all ages to the remarkable women of the Pre-Raphaelite art movement which began in the second half of the nineteenth century and continued through the early part of the twentieth. From models to artists, these women all contributed something personal and incredible towards the most beautiful and imaginative art movement in the world. From duchesses to poor laundresses, each woman has a story to tell and a unique viewpoint on art no matter their age, status or background.

Rich or poor, black or white, these women redefined what it meant to be beautiful and influential in a male-dominated world and broke new ground in art, business and women’s rights to pursue the life they loved. Spanning almost a century and uncovering the truth behind some familiar and less familiar faces, this collection will offer new information to readers already interested in Pre-Raphaelite art and open the doors on an enchanting and revolutionary band of women who are unlikely and compelling role models. Artists, sculptors, inventors, models, wives, sisters and muses, all provide inspiration for the ground-breakers and trailblazers of today. Kirsty’s text will be accompanied by some striking illustrations by Kingsley Nebechi, who was last autumn featured in Buzzfeed’s ‘34 British Young Black Artists You Should Pay Attention To Immediately’.

Unicorn Group Chairman Lord Strathcarron says: ‘It’s wonderful that Kirsty has chosen Unicorn to publish Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang. It’s a terrific story about a great subject and Kirsty tells it with such enthusiasm and knowledge’

Kirsty Stonell Walker says: ‘I fell in love with my first Pre-Raphaelite stunner at 20 and I've been chasing them ever since. Their lives, loves, struggles and achievements have such an eternal quality that it’s impossible not to identify with them and the paintings they both created and appeared in have such beauty. Rather than being remote figures, some born almost two hundred years ago, these women bring inspiration on how to slay it in a man's world. These women deserve to be your Girl Gang and it's a joy to celebrate them’

It was while studying for her first degree that Kirsty Stonell Walker became immersed in the life and loves of the Pre-Raphaelites. The plight of ‘bad girl’ Fanny Cornforth fascinated her so much that she spent a decade researching her life and wrote her biography Stunner: The Fall and Rise of Fanny Cornforth. Since 2011, she has written a blog, The Kissed Mouth, where she publishes original research on the many models of the Pre-Raphaelites. She has also written two novels about Victorian artists.

Kingsley Nebechi is an Italian born, British raised illustrator. His work is inspired by his love for patterns, comics and fashion. Kingsley's artwork has been featured on book covers, ad campaigns, product packaging and animation. After four years working at leading design studio I Love Dust on a range of projects for everyone from Nike to Red Bull Kingsley has now set up his own studio, currently based in London, UK.

Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang * 13 September 2018 * Hardback, £15 * ISBN: 9781911604631 *
Illustrations by Kingsley Nebechi

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