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Press Release Unicorn Signs Ldn: Reimagined By Robert John

Unicorn acquires LDN: Reimagined by Robert John

Unicorn, the visual arts and cultural history imprint of Unicorn Publishing Group LLP, is pleased to announce that it has acquired World English Language rights to LDN: Reimagined, by Robert John due for publication in Autumn 2019.

A surreal visual journey that will change your perception of London, LDN: Reimagined is the culmination of the What I See When I Look At project which began in 2012 spearheaded by artist Robert John in response to his father’s battle with Parkinson’s Dementia, and has since gone on to form the basis of Re:Imagined art shows and interactive art projects.

LDN: Reimagined asks us to re-engage with the things we observe every day. To question our perception of what we see and who we are. When we were kids we use to see amazing things. We saw the world differently. Robert John asks us to go back to recapture that sense of imagination and wonder, with visuals that showcase the artistic re-imaginings of his hometown:

Flowers start blooming from street lamps...

Buildings transform into giant robots... Battles rage on our rooftops... & wishes begin to come true

The project has recently received a full Webby nomination (hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet) and is shortlisted in the NetArt category:

The Re:Imagined 2018 Art Show is from 9 May-25 June at St George’s Hospital Gallery.

Unicorn Group Chairman Lord Strathcarron says: “One look was all it took; we knew we had to publish this art. It breaks new ground, as inspiring as Robert is himself. Re-imagining is a constant process, never standing still; the book design reflects this, each page seeming to turn itself. We are delighted and honoured to be working with such an expressive artist.”

Robert John says: ‘“I am thrilled to be working with Unicorn bringing to fruition the What I See When I Look At project in the form of a high-quality book, exploring the city I live and grew up in. My father lived with Parkinson’s disease for many years before he passed away. During his final years as he developed Parkinson’s dementia, he began seeing things which were not visible to us, yet they were so real to him. Not only could he see these things; he could smell them, even touch and feel them. It made me question what our concepts of reality are based on and what we choose to actually see, and that’s how I began seeing a version of London you will not have encountered before.”

Robert John is a designer and artist born and bred in Tooting, South London. He has worked across many iconic brands for the BBC throughout his career, including Sherlock, Luther, Top Gear, Davina and Doctor Who.

For more information go to: @whatiseewhen

LDN: Reimagined * Autumn 2019 * Hardback, £15 * ISBN: 9781911604907 * Colour illustrations