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The Will To Succeed Blog Tour

The Will to Succeed by Christine Raafat has been reviewed in both the The Lady and Cumbria magazines as well as a selection of lovely reviews from the recent blog tour, following a very successful launch event at Abbot Hall and a festival appearance at Words by the Water in Cumbria.

‘I found this a powerfully written and effective novel which feels as solid as a non-fiction history book, but brings characters to life like the best of imaginative novels…. I recommend it as a fine example of historical fiction with a unique woman at its centre’ Northern Reader

The Will to Succeed is historical fiction at its finest; it's interesting, entertaining and enlightening. It's a fabulous eye-opening read about a truly remarkable woman and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it’ The Book Magnet

‘[V]ividly drawn, well written and Lady Anne comes across as empathetic and resourceful as she fights the court for her inheritance’ Rambling Mads

‘Engaging, intriguing, intelligent, thought-provoking. A masterpiece of historical fiction that just happens to recount the true-life story of a woman whom could have faded into obscurity’ Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

‘[T]his is a really great story! Raafat has used so much of Lady Anne’s own writings that you can really hear her voice and the story is told with great care and affection…As a debut novel Raafat has set her own bar pretty high, but I look forward to what she may write next’ Mrs Average Evaluates

‘In her outstanding debut novel, Christine Raafat has brought a woman out of 17th century obscurity into the light of present day. The Will to Succeed is a fascinating tale… Those readers who have a penchant for historical fiction with strong female protagonists will certainly enjoy this novel.’ A Darn Good Read

‘[An] incredible story of bravery and courage… informative and engaging with a warmth that brought the past to life’ Stacy is Reading

‘I was surprised how immediately I became immersed in this book. The writing is so beautiful and elegant and perfectly attuned to a modern reader's eye, without losing the feeling of being transported back to the 17th century… If you want a really good read with historical and social history then I recommend this book to you. I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars’ Booksimo