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Upcoming Upl Title Featured In You Magazine

'Scenes from a Rose-tinted Childhood' - Jessy Lee

In today's YOU Magazine (Mail on Sunday), Jessy Lee discusses growing up with her Father, the complex, often troubled author and national treasure, Laurie Lee. In this moving article, Jessy talks about why she's publishing his artwork for the first time, in celebration of the centenary of his birth. 

Despite being a prolific and successful author, Laurie Lee often expressed his love for drawing and the visual arts. He claims that the lack of interest registered in his artworks was what made him pursue the literary route. His daughter Jessy is publishing his portfolio in a book, as a way of paying homage to her father.

Read more about what Jessy had to say, here.

Laurie Lee: A Folio is due for release next week. 
Unicorn Press Ltd's editions of The Firstborn and his Selected Poems are already available!