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  • Poppyganda Review In Centenary News

    Uniform's title Poppyganda received another great review from Eleanor Baggley in Centenary News.

    The review highly praises the book as 'a truly thought-provoking read', complimenting author Matthew Leonard's concise and resourceful examination of the history of the poppy.

    Eleanor Baggley describes Poppyganda as 'an excellent and intriguing...

  • Joyce Meader On Radio 4

    Joyce Meader historical knitting expert and author of Uniform's new book Knitskrieg, A Call to Yarns was interviewed on BBC Radio Four on Wednesday 30th March, 2016 which was then repeated on Saturday 2nd April.

    Joyce Meader talks with Jane Garvey, of Radio 4's Woman's Hour, about the history of knitting across three centuries of conflicts and...

  • Galliano Featured In The Cut

    New York Magazine's The Cut reviewed Unicorn's title Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Terrible by David Foy on Wednesday 30th March, 2016.

    Alongside Catie L'Heureux's review, The Cut features a slideshow of six colour photos of Galliano and a variety of his work which all feature inside the book.

    To read more click here.

  • Edwin Mullins In The Telegraph

    Edwin Mullins' latest book Swimming with Dali features on a double page spread in the Daily Telegraphs review section on Saturday 26th March 2016.

    The article gives readers an insight into Edwin Mullins' encounters with some of the biggest names in art, from Salvador Dali to L.S. Lowry alongside many more which feature in his new book.

    To read...

  • Unicorn Publishing Group's New Partnership With Booked Pr

    Following a successful pitch Unicorn Publishing Group has appointed Booked PR as its retained agency to publicise its full publishing list from March 2016.

    Unicorn Publishing Group brings together the imprints Unicorn, Uniform, Unity and Universe, the book marketing companies Unicorn Sales & Distribution, the Unicorn Bookstore and the Unicorn...

  • Tangier Archive Reviewed By War History Online

    Tangier Archive Reviewed by War History Online

    The Tangier Archive receive a brilliant review from Mark Barnes at War History Online. Barnes highly praises the books quality, content and design recommending the book for 'photography buffs, historians, Great War aficionados and the gamut of hardware enthusiasts. This book is a complete package.'

  • Galliano Review In The National

    Luxury Magazine features a great review of Unicorn Press' title Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Terribe by David Foy. The article highly praises the book as a 'colourful addition to any fashion connisseur's coffee table' as 'Foy sheds light on Galliano’s past, in the hope that readers will gain some understanding of his perseverance and drive to...

  • New Spring 2016 Catalogue

    Unicorn Publishing Group are proud to present our Spring 2016 catalogue, which includes over twenty new titles we will publish between January and June, as well as shows our complete backlist of almost one hundred titles. We now consist of four imprints and our own client publisher marketing arm: Unicorn Press (visual arts and cultural...

  • The Tuareg Review

    THE TUAREG reviewed in Lacuna Magazine

    Lacuna Magazine features a great review of Unicorn Press' title The Tuareg by Henrietta Butler and her recent exhibition 'Tea with the Tuareg'. Reviewer Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi highly praises Butler's latest book as a 'compelling illustrated history' and 'a glimmer of insight into a particular group of the...

  • Unity Spencer Review In The London Magazine

    The London Magazine reviewed Unity Spencer's latest autobiography Lucky to be an Artist in their October/November 2015 issue. The two page spread entitled Metaphors of a Troubled Mind written by Simon Tait highlights how 'she may have been lucky to be an artist, but she had the supreme misfortune to be the daughter of a great one', Stanley...

  • Run Exhibition


    Giacomo Bufarini a.k.a RUN author and artist of forthcoming Time Traveller Artist Man (Spring 2016) opens his second solo exhibition this month in Howard Griffin Gallery in Los Angeles. The new exhibition 'Man Is God' presents imagery and sculptural works that oscillate between the neolithic and the modern, creating...

  • John Hoyland Exhibition At Newport Street Gallery

    John Hoyland: Scatter the Devils

    This month the opening show at Damien Hirst’s new gallery, Newport Street Gallery, will be devoted to John Hoyland. The first retrospective since Hoyland’s death in 2011 it will show the progression from hard-edge works of the early 1960s to the intensely subjective painting that marked his final decade. The...