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  • Brighton's Secret Agents In Sussex Life

    Uniform title Brighton's Secret Agents by Paul McCue featured in the March edition of Sussex Life.

    Reviewer Angela Wintle writes: 'In this absorbing book, Paul McCue details the organisation's creation and post-war demise and its training methods. But he focuses mainly on the missions of four extraordinary Brighton and Hove-born agents, as well...

  • War Beneath The Waves In The Submariners Association Newsletter

    Uniform title War Beneath the Waves by Tomas Termote featured in the March issue of Submariners Association Newsletter.

    Reviewer Barrie Downer writes: "The amount of detail available is most impressive. ... it is a ‘tour de force’ by Thomas Termode and is well worth reading by the naval historian (both amateur and professional) and will be a...

  • On The Burning Of Book In The Time Literary Supplement

    Unicorn title On the Burning of Books by Kenneth Baker featured in The Time Literary Supplement on Wednesday 15th February 2017.

    Reviewer David Rundle writes: "The volume is lavishly illustrated and engagingly written. It has a simple structure, organizing Baker’s roll call of cases by theme, but with necessary overlap between the main sections...

  • Hidden Gems In Australia's Financial Review

    Unicorn Press title Hidden Gems by Sarah Hue-Williams featured in Australia's Financial Review on Tuesday 14th February 2017.

    In her article Katrina Strickland interviews author Sarah Hue-Williams about the stories behind many of the world's top jewellery pieces that feature in the book. Sarah Hue-Williams says "Storytelling is so powerful,...

  • Never Fear In Devon Life

    Unicorn title Never Fear by Ian Strathcarron features in Devon Life's February edition.

    Devon Life's Annette Shaw interviews author Ian Strathcarron about his latest book which examines the life of Devon sailing hero Sir Francis Chichester. Annette Shaw writes: "Never Fear makes for an illuminating and thoroughly enjoyable read that will appeal...

  • Hidden Gems In Vogue

    Unicorn Press title Hidden Gems by Sarah Hue-Williams and Raymond Sancroft-Baker featured in Vogue Magazine on Monday 12th December 2016.

    Hidden Gems is listed in '11 New Coffee-Table Books to Invest in Now' and Vogue's Sam Rogers and Tamison O'Connor write: "Hidden Gems explores the stories behind some of the most intriguing of jewels. The 40...

  • Brussels Art Nouveau Blog Review

    Unicorn Press title Brussels Art Nouveau by Alec Forshaw featured on Leigh Venus's blog.

    "Fittingly for a guidebook (even a paunchy, coffee-table leaning one like this) the images are crisp with a clean documentarian air, enlivened throughout by crash-zooms into playful architectural detail; garnished ceramic tiles, menageries of ornamental...

  • Moving Heaven And Earth In The Media

    Unicorn's Moving Heaven and Earth by Steffie Shields featured in Tablet Magazine on 10th December, December's issue of The Garden History Journal and Grantham Journal on Friday 16th December.

    Teresa Morgan from Tablet writes: "Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book is a paradise."

    In Timothy Mowl's peer review in The Garden History Journal he...

  • A Voyage To War In Post Magazine

    Uniform title A Voyage to War by Hugh Dulley featured in Post Magazine on 18th December 2016.

    Post Magazine published a cover story to commemorate 75 years since the Battle of Hong Kong. The article retells the story of the Japanese invasion through letters, stories and diary extracts of those tho lived it. Included in the article is a letter...

  • Secrets Of Churchill's War Rooms In History Extra

    IWM's newest title Secrets of Churchill's War Rooms by Jonathan Asbury featured in the BBC History Magazine's History Extra on Friday 2nd December.

    In the article Jonathan Asbury explores the lesser-known history of Churchill’s War Rooms. Asbury writes: "The truth is, though, that many of the secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms have yet to be...

  • Never Fear In Classic Boat

    Unicorn title Never Fear by Ian Strathcarron featured in this January's edition of Classic Boat magazine.

    In the article Ian Strathcarron discusses what inspired him to write his new book on Sir Francis Chichester as well as his experience following in Chichester's footsteps sailing a solo passage.

  • Wellington's Dearest Georgy In Standard Issue

    Universe's latest title Wellington's Dearest Georgy by Alice Marie Crossland featured in Standard Issue on Tuesday 6th December.

    For National Letter Writing Day, writer Esther Harris interviews Alice Marie Crossland about the fifty surviving letters that feature in her book between Wellington and Georgy.

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