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Louis Coatalen Reviews

Louis Coatalen by Oliver Heal is going down very well in the motoring world. It has been featured in the SAHB Times and STD Register with reviews on Speedreaders:

‘Know that this book is simply a good read, written in an engaging manner, with polished prose, with an unhurried exposition in which everything has its place and there’s a place for everything. The book touches on many things and you will form a multi-faceted view of the era/s no matter your area of specializiation’ Sabu Advani

The Autosport Nostalgia Forum also featured a lovely post by Douglas Nye:

‘[A] very fine piece of work on many levels. The text demonstrates a tremendous depth of research and understanding. It's light of touch, engaging, entertaining and interesting to read while the photographic content borders on the sublime. Some very rare and fascinating photos here. Add to this really high production standards and attractive graphic design - and, well, what's not to admire?... a really fine job. Well done to all concerned; a particularly high-class book for enthusiasts by a great enthusiast’ Doug Nye

Forthcoming reviews include Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, Vintage Sport Car Club Bulletin, PFAF Newsletter, The Automobile, Swiss Classics, Landspeed Media Group and Classic & Sports Car.

Click here to read the full Speedreaders review.

Oliver Heal

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