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The Name Beneath The Stone Blog Tour

"The blending of fact and fiction makes for a compelling narrative that educates as well as entertains. The level of reality in the depiction of army life and the quality of research that has gone in to The Name Beneath The Stone is exemplary" Linda's Book Bag

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"This breathtaking book is an absolute must read, I really can't recommend The Name Beneath The Stone highly enough; I'd give it 888,246 stars if I could, one for every military fatality of World War I. Every once in a while a book comes along that renders me speechless and The Name Beneath The Stone did just that. Stunning and imaginative, it took my breath away. Absolutely outstanding and perfect in every way; this is a book I will be recommending for many years to come." The Book Magnet

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"Relationships, morals, revelations and secrets are at the forefront of The Name Beneath The Stone: Secret of the Unknown Warrior and with it comes quite a complicated plot to get your teeth into, but somehow with a skilful approach, Newcome administers a developmental breakthrough showcasing a strong assurance of characters, both in lead roles and behind the scenes." Page Turners Nook

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"What I loved was the human aspect of the storyline. ...This was an enthralling and emotional book and one I’m very glad to have had the pleasure of reading."

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“I highly recommend this one to lovers of historical fiction” Secret Library Book Blog

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“The Name Beneath the Stone is an incredibly well research and beautifully written novel. It holds important historical significance and is highly recommended.” The Welsh Librarian

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“The Name Beneath The Stone is a remarkable story that’s insightful, thought provoking, poignant filled with raw, authentic images and scenes.” Kraftireader

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"this book title and blurb really caught my eye and it proved to be a beautifully written and thoughtfully researched novel. I had assumed it would be a non-fiction book but it is in fact a novel with a carefully crafted, complex weaving of a fictional family history and fact." Mrs Average on Books

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"This is the first I have read from Robert Newcome, it definitely won’t be the last, his writing is strong, informative and engaging, I was completely transfixed with his clear and vibrant narrative." Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

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"I found the sheer humanity of this sophisticated and meaningful book touching and significant, and I found the moral questions of the nature of historical investigation fascinating. I recommend it as a great read and it deserves a lot of attention." Northern Reader

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"I’ve read a lot of novels set during World War I, but none of them has moved me or challenged my thinking as much as Robert Newcome’s The Name Beneath the Stone. It is so well written and cleverly plotted that the ending, the final twist in the tale, left my thoughts and emotions in turmoil." A Darn Good Read

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Luna's Little Library hosted a Q and A with author Robert Newcome, click here to read.